Desire Earth Treks and Expedition
Namaste!! Khamri !!Tashideley !!
With warm greetings from the Himalayan of Sikkim. Let me introduce you to our company Desire Earth Trek & Tours Company. It is situated in the heart of Sikkim, India", "The company is founded in Sikkim and we have representatives in The Austraillian, German, Italy, Europ, USA ,UK & Asia."

We are trekking experts in Sikkim. The company is a well established organization with many years of experience in conducting tours and treks in Sikkim, Le-ladhak, Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. The company prides itself on their reputation for providing a professional, friendly service, with a team of highly trained and experienced staff members. Most of our guides are Sherpas who lived above 1,700 m in the Himalayas. Desire Earth Trek & Tours Company is an active member of the Kanchanzanga Conservation Commatee (KCC). This is added certification for our clients that our operation is professional and qualified!

The company is run by a group of highly experienced and professional people. Together they make a significant contribution to Sikkim'tourist industry by delivering a service that extends beyond normal standards Desire Earth Trek & Tours has become a well-known company. For the tourist and trekking industry in Sikkim.

Desire Earth Trek & Tours is dedicated to fulfilling the dreams and desires of outdoor enthusiasts around the world while maintaining our fundamental philosophies. From easy trekking, and challenging mountain expeditions, to white water rafting, wildlife safaris, and cultural excursions, Sikkim is a haven for the adventurous travelers. The staff at Desire Earth Trek & Tours delight in providing a service that specifically meets individual interests and prides itself on offering this service with four fundamental philosophies in heart and mind. When we lead our treks and tours our concerns range from controlling the quality of foods, providing well-trained staff, incorporating real Nepali cultural activities and the overall safety of the trek or tour for our trekking & tourist guests as well as the land and animals that we visit. Maintaining and preserving these fundamental adventure travel philosophies is why Desire Earth is one of the foremost leading companies in Sikkim.

Desire Earth Trek & Tours offers a number of trekking itineraries for our clients to consider. However it is important to acknowledge that our service is very flexible and we are more than happy to arrange any itinerary that directly suits our client's interests, time, and budget--from group tours to individual travelers. If our departure dates are not suitable please feel free to contact us, tell us what you want, and when you want to visit! All our itineraries are based from Sikkim to Sikkim.