Rushpu valley Trek
  • Duration of Tour : 25 Days
  • Duration of Trek : 16 Days
  • Best Season : July to October
  • Highest Point : Kazur - La ( 5350 mts.)
  • Nature of Trek : Strenuous


     rusphu_valleyDelhi - Nalagarh - Manali - Keylong - Brandy Nallah (Trek starts) - Sokmickchick - Tombok - Marangla ( 5300 Mts ) - Tuzak - Yubok - Zara - Tsokar - Haramla ( 4900 Mts ) - Rojungkuru - Kazurla ( 5350 Mts ) - Gyame - Tsomorari (Trek ends) - Leh - Delhi.
    Delhi - Nalagarh - Manali - Keylong - Brandy Nallah (Trek starts) - Sokmickchick - Tombok - Marangla ( 5300 Mts ) - Lun - Lungmo Che - Yarla ( 5000 Mts. ) - Dat - Sorra - Zalung Karpola ( 5200 Mts. ) - Langtang Chu ( 5150 Mts. ) - Latza Kongmaru - Shang - Hemis - Leh - Delhi.

    ladakh adventure tours, ladakh adventure travel, ladakh trekking tours, ladakh cultural toursRushpu is a little - known land which has lately been opened to foreign visitors. Lying on the eastern margins of Ladakh, the area which is an extension of Tibet's Chang Tang plains, is predominantly high and dry desert land, dissected by numerous mountain ridges and traversed by a number of ancient trading routes. There are permanent settlements in the principal valleys Rushpu but majority of the inhabitants are nomadic Changpas of the Tibetan origin, who travel widely across the high steppes, totally reliant on their yak and sheep herds for subsistence. We drive to Manali and spend 2 days to Manali and Keylong which assists for acclimatization. Setting off our trek from Brandy Nallah for a wonderful trek with all together different landscapes involving high altitude trekking over Marangla. The trek passes through vast valleys, deep gorges and barren of high plateau of Chang Tang that spreads hundred of kilometers east to the province of Quinghal in China. Almost the entire route is above 4000m with lovely high meadow campsites, stunning scenery isolated villages and fascinating encounters with the hardy Changpa at their black tented encampments, makes this undoubtedly one of the best trek - only itineraries currently on offer in Ladakh. We conclude our trek in Tsomoriri Lake or climb to Tsomoriri Peak ( 6200 Mts. ) which requires additional 3 days including 1 day rest at Paldo (Tsomariri area).

    The above itinerary is a guideline and standard pattern which we provide you. This trekking can be modified according to your time and requirements.