Sikkim Tour
sikkim_tour1Sikkim is a visitor's dreams come true. The impregnable snowy Himalayas, not forgetting the third highest mountain in the world Mt. Khanchendzonga and the flat lowlands with it's diverse flora & fauna. Trekking in the rough mountains, rafting on the turbulent rivers, and sightseeing are all laid out for the visitor on a platter. Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim, is often referred to as the " Lofty Hills". An air of Enchantment pervades in the entire atmosphere of the valley with its stupas, Monasteries and its Mysticism. In Gangtok, one very frequently comes across the Prayer flags whipping in the breeze, robed Lamas chanting prayers to God, lined Brightly painted pagoda - roofed houses, and of course, the sound of trumpets from the distance hills & valleys.