Love trekking

Trekking is something which everyone should do at least once in their life. So, come and join us to experience walking in the nature and getting lost on purpose.

Sikkim offers some of the finest trekking experience in the Himalaya. The state’s vast unspoiled mountain ranges are a trekker’s delight and its amazing range of flora and fauna is a dream come true for all nature lovers. There are many treks in Sikkim, which adventure seekers can explore and undertake, it is also again divided in different levels, duration, grades and seasons. 

Trekking will make you stronger mentally, because there are situations during trekking when you feel you can’t go ahead to the next stop, you feel you can’t come back to the previous stop.

There are times when you feel lost in nature, just looking at a snow peak mountain and feel you are so tiny compared to the mighty mountain in front of you.

There are times where you motivate your co-travellers so that they can feel good. You can help them as much as you can, and at time you will see you are sitting on the side of the trail feeling very tired, and suddenly someone comes from behind holds your hand and says, “get up buddy, lets go. We are almost there”.

There are times, you just can’t carry on being so tired in the way, feeling so cold in the cloudy atmosphere and thinking about your decision of coming to the trek being so wrong, because you could have chosen a car trip easily. But, a sudden ray of sunlight just changes everything so drastically.

There are places in the way, where you stand for a moment and think that it is the best decision of your life to come here trekking, because a place like this can not be reached by car. Snow everywhere around, sound of wind, chilling cold temperature and cup of coffee in your hand, which your trekking guide gives you from the flask he carried from the previous trekkers hut.

There are times at the night, you look at the sky and see so many stars at once you could have only imagined really exist. In the chilling cold weather, you just sit beside of your camp to look above your head and start looking for the milky way.

There are a lot more which you will experience, which we could not mention above because of our limited English vocabulary.

So, come and experience of the most beautiful places in India, trek with us and leave your footprints in this part of himalayan region.