Day 1:

After an early breakfast, we leave for the first destination of our trek, Sachen at 7200 ft and taking approximately 6 hours. The valleys will take you through small settlements and dense forests where trekkers usually spot yaks and mules. The trail takes you through pristine rivers, orchids and the enthralling sight of Tshushay Khola waterfalls. 5 hours into the trek, set up your camps at the forested terrains of Sachen.

Overnight stay at Sachen.

Day 2:

The 8km trek to Tshokha takes about 5-7 hours due to a steep elevation and challenging hike. The forested Bakhim region, plantations and the pellucid waters of Prek Chu river take you to the Tibetan refugee settlement of Tshokha. Rest well to boost your energy for the rocky climb to Dzongri the next day.

Overnight stay at Tsokha

Day 3:

Waking up to the sunrise peeking through Himalayan summits, the trail today will take 9-10 hours. Within minutes the trail moves to a steep and rocky ascend, so trudge cautiously over stones and pebbles. The trekkers march forward amidst thick, red rhododendrons. During spring the red blossoms make a breathtaking trail. The rest-stop at Phedang is exactly in the middle of today’s journey.The hikers reach Dzongri on the backdrop of snowy mountains and small Buddhist places of worship. Set up your tents at the altitude of 12,980ft, have dinner and get a much needed rest.

Overnight stay at Dzongri

Day 4:

An hour-long trek in the dawn takes you atop Dzongri Top at 13, 675ft. The pictorial view of resplendent peaks of Kanchenjunga, Kabru, Mt. Pandim, Koktak, Narsing and a host of other summits. Soak in this picturesque view before trailing back to Dzongri.

Overnight stay at Dzongri.

Day 5:

Start the 7-hour journey early to reach tshokha by 3-4:00 PM. You will go through Dzongri plateau with Mt. Pandim in sight throughout the trek. Take rest at Pedang but try to avoid more stops to reach your destination before it gets dark.

Overnight stay at Tsokha

Day 6:

The last leg of the adventure is 15km long and follows the same trail while coming down. Once again you experience the mesmerizing view and start seeing settlements and villages as you reach the town. If time permits, trekkers can interact with the natives and explore local shops, cuisine and culture.

Overnight stay at Yuksom.

Your expedition comes to an end.